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FlytDesk is Dataflyt’s Solution to the hand written check-in problem.

FlytDesk is capable of passenger check-in,passenger weigh in, flight building, manifest printing, cargo sorting, and maintaining historical records. It does all of this digitally, eliminating handwriting from the entire process.

Dispatch is the premier computer based flight following system. Dispatch was designed by Dataflyt to automate aircraft tracking. The Dispatch system completely replaces the paper strips, legal pads, chalk boards, magnetic boards, and other methods used by many operations to track their aircraft

Scheduling is a Web Based tool to build flights and check for passenger training compliance easily and quickly.
Docks is the Dataflyt solution to passenger and cargo management on boat docks.
Passengers check in at the front desk or kiosks, have their training compliance checked, and are assigned to vessels.
Cargo is checked into the shipyard and is stored there until it is added to a vessel.
Central is the web portal for online users to view all the information DataFlyt generates.

It's also where Web users will interact with Passengers and Cargo in real time, as well as reporting tools.
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