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We realize that our products are no ordinary computing application and that lives depend on your dispatching service and we take reliability very seriously! Dataflyt offers a complete support package for our systems.
Package Support
Dataflyt prefers to provide the complete computer environment for the Dispatch System. This assures complete compatibility between software and hardware as well as providing top to bottom support. Dataflyt provides state of the art computer hardware, backed by factory service agreements to keep your system up and running! The Dataflyt package comes complete with the Microsoft Office System running on Windows NT. Your reporting requirements can be addressed, and custom reporting systems written for your operation that will run in the multitasking NT environment on the Dispatch Computer. This may preclude the need for other computers in your Dispatch Office.

Technical Support
Dataflyt provides voice phone support as well as a computer
link support package that comes with each Dispatch System.
One of our technicians can usually fix your problem over
the phone.


Hardware Support
Should your system have a hardware failure, next day
technical support from the manufacturer or overnight
shipment from Dataflyt will get your system up and
running quickly.

Technical Support:
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