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FlytDesk is the solution to crowded checkin counters

FlytDesk is capable of passenger check-in, weigh in, flight building, manifest printing, cargo sorting, and maintaining historical records.

  • Check-in time is an average of 10 seconds per passenger.

  • Passenger's can be sorted by Customer/Weights/ Destination/ Employer/Flight

  • Cargo check-in and management keep incoming cargo organized and has a flight reminder system to keep cargo from being forgotten

  • Sent Cargo Grid keeps a list of all cargo loaded on flights and the times they were checked in and loaded on to flights.

  • Manifests can be printed in seconds

  • Stations network automatically, allowing for multiple local points of access

  • Pilots have their own console to observe Manifesting for their flight

  • Supervisors have their own console to observe the whole system and remotely add passengers to flights

  • The learning database remembers all information about passengers

  • Integrates with training programs


The M3 Kiosk is a passenger check in tool
  • Passenger can check in unassisted

  • Kiosks obtain passenger information from front desk consoles

  • Dual scales weigh Passenger and Bag automatically at the same time

  • Passport scanner

  • 2d barcode scanner

  • WIFI capability 

  • BagTag printers optional

  • Integrates with training programs


Central is the Web utility that allows for Password Protected Individual Customers interaction with Flytdesk and Reporting
  • View passenger check ins in real time

  • View passenger data in real time

  • View Flight Data in real time

  • Create Flights Online

  • Check passengers in online.

  • View historical reports

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