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Dispatch is the premier computer based flight following system. Dispatch was designed by Dataflyt to automate aircraft tracking. The Dispatch system completely replaces the paper strips, legal pads, chalk boards, magnetic boards, and other methods used by many operations to track their aircraft. Dispatch offers many advantages, including minimal training time for dispatchers, accurate time tracking of overdue aircraft, long term record keeping, an advanced reporting option, and customer billing from flight records. All these advantages are an added advantage requiring no extra effort on the part of the dispatcher. Dispatch was designed with the user in mind. The intuitive user friendly operation of Dispatch makes a job that was once drudgery into a job that's fun... well almost fun!

System Highlights


  • Near real-time replication of aircraft data between consoles on a local area network.
  • Aircraft data replication between remote flight following centers can also be accomplished using the Dispatch WebRep software.
  • Dispatch has been designed for optimum dispatcher data entry speed and efficiency.
  • Enhanced and efficient reporting engine. Entire months of flight data can be used to produce detailed reports in minutes.
  • Hot keys allow quick access to the most frequently used functions.
  • Individual pilot report alerts the Dispatcher in seconds if the pilot has time for another trip.
  • Better communications allow for customer updating at any interval desired.
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